About Our Company

SWS is an Alberta-based truck body and trailer shop with a credible history and respected workers. We have a complete line of parts and accessories, plus full installation service for your truck or trailer including axles, suspensions, couplers, lights, brake controls, jacks, hitches, truck wiring packages, hydraulics, hoist, PTO’s, decks, and tool boxes.

SWS History

SWS stands for Snider with Snider. Starting from a farm back in 1978 building wood grain boxes, SWS quickly expanded and moved to town in Westlock, Alberta. Not long after, we began building and supplying grain and gravel truck bodies as well as truck decks. Later on, manufacturing and supplying trailers became another successful service of ours. We now manufacture and supply a complete line of truck bodies and trailers to the farm, construction, recreation, and oilfield industries. SWS has shipped products all over the world and has sold hundreds of thousands of units over the 40+ years we’ve been in business and we are still growing strong today all because of our dedicated customers. A big thank you to all our customers!

The People at SWS

The employees at SWS are dedicated long-term workers who are here for the long haul. We’re willing to work hard and serve the industry with great expertise.

Brenna Wilejto


Dustin Snider

Trailer Sales Deck Sales

Roy Cameron

Trailer Sales Parts Sales

Jim Snider

Truck Body Sales

Donna Fulcher